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Do you just build new homes or do you do repairs and alterations?

We do a wide range of home building work including renovations, repairs and maintenance. Bathroom and kitchen renovations, roofing, internal wall reconfigurations, etc.

Can we use people we know to work on the building?

Yes if you know skilled tradespeople you would like to work on your home building project, let us know.

How much does it cost to build a new home

It depends on the type of home you are building. The cost of a home is calculated on a square metre basis, and they start around $1800 per square metre. The cost reduces somewhat for bigger houses but will increase depending on the materials you use and the quality of elements such as floor covering, lighting and the type of heating, utilities, etc.

Can you build 'eco' homes

Yes we can incorporate heat saving and other eco-friendly features that save you money in the long term - along with the planet!

What are my options if I want you to build my new home?

The first question we ask is 'What do you need in a home'? For example:

  • How many bedrooms do you need?
  • Do you need a home office?
  • Double/triple garage or carport?
  • Is boat storage needed?

Come up with all the things you would like in a home, i.e. your 'ultimate list'. You might want to be in a particular area, have a sea view or be within walking distance of the shops.

As part of this planning phase, you need to work out what your budget is. We'll give you a realistic idea of what your dream home is going to cost, to see if you are going to be able to get everything on your list for the finance you have available.

After that comes finding a section that will provide as many things on your list as possible. Once the section has been located the plans can be developed.

can you help find a suitable section to build on?

Yes we can. We also can advise on the type of site needed for the house you want to build. We can arrange contour surveying and geotechnical reports if necessary. We can also look at designing a home that compliments the section you have (or want to have). Many building companies want to work with flat sections or will carry out earth works to make the section flat.  This isn't always necessary - and a home that works with the contours of the land can be more interesting and unique.

Do you have architects that you work with to create plans for me?

Yes we do.

How long does a new home take to build?

It depends on how big and complex the build is, but for a standard, single storey home it will take four to five months.

How do I know I'm getting a builder I can trust?

Talk to their other clients. Look at other properties they have worked on. We provide information about previous jobs we've done so you can talk to these owners to reassure yourself that we do quality work.

Why do you "build above the code"?

The building code is the minimum standard to which a house should be built. Cheaper house building companies will work to this.

But if you spend another few thousand dollars you can save a lot of money in the long term. For example, if you invest on eco-friendly heating options you can reduce your power usage by 80% - even before you use solar power.

What is a Homefirst Builders Guarantee?

Members of the Certified Builders Association of New Zealand must make their customers aware that they can apply to Builtin New Zealand Ltd for a 10 Year written Guarantee when they are building a new home, and to assist them if they choose to do so.

Talk to us about getting your 10 Year written Guarantee.


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