Owning a property can be hard work. 

Think of all those weekends up ladders, under floorboards and inside roof cavities.  Painting, repairing and replacing. 

You can get back your weekends! 

Not only that, there will be no more DIY disasters.


If you have experienced skilled workmen maintaining your property:

  • You get work done to a high standard - no more DIY disasters
  • Location and prevention of problems before they're visible to an untrained eye
  • No need for expensive equipment that sits in the garage rarely being used
  • No money or time wasted using the wrong tools for the job

Our maintenance and repair services include:

  • Preventative maintenance such as regular cleaning, clearing guttering, etc
  • Major maintenance such as painting
  • Emergency repairs when an urgent problem is found
  • Inspections to check for evidence of leaks and other water tightness issues
  • Roof and gutter repairs
  • Repair and maintenance of exterior cladding
  • Repair and maintenance of joinery (doors and windows)
  • Checks and repair of internal electrical wiring, insulation, plumbing

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you get:

  • Worry free maintenance of your home
  • A report detailing the work that has been completed
  • Reliable, skilled tradespeople doing quality work
  • A maintenance booklet outlining care of your particular building's features and a schedule for these activities.
  • A reminder system so you know when maintenance activities are due

Regular maintenance of your property will make sure your asset holds it's value and can prevent problems from causing costly damage further down the track.

We help property owners keep their property safe, secure and looking good.

Don't wait – sometimes small damage leads to major disaster if neglected.

Whatever the cause, Platinum Pacific Homes will fix damage quickly and efficiently, from electrical and plumbing repairs to structural strengthening.

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