Left with a spare room - perhaps your last child has left home? It's an opportunity to rethink your home interior, starting with that room.

Here are seven suggestions to consider....

1 A Man Cave

All the activities that traditionally take place in a man cave may already be happening in your living room. So maybe it is not a daft idea to have a separate TV room with all the sports channels on rotate. Simply add a mini refrigerator and reclining armchair and reclaim your living room.
2. Ensuite Bathroom
If the bedroom is next to another bedroom, consider putting a door between the two rooms and turning it into a glamorous ensuite bathroom . There may be enough space for a soaking bathtub plus separate shower and double vanity, or maybe you would prefer a sauna.
Good bathrooms, like kitchens, are an investment, but one that will need to be balanced against losing a bedroom.
3. Extend your living space
Knocking down a wall between the bedroom and living area is a great way to increase the size of the room you spend the most time in.
It may just provide that extra space you need to invest in a new kitchen with an island. Cooking and experimenting in the kitchen may well be a passion you can finally indulge.
4. Home Office
All you need is a desk for the computer and printer, and a good chair. It also helps to have plenty of natural light and a desk lamp for the evenings.
5 Hobby Room
Imagine the joy of being able to contain hobby materials in one space, instead of having them spread throughout the house. Consider what shelving or built-in furniture would be helpful and have it customised to provide perfect storage.
6 Gymnasium or work out room
There will be no excuse for not exercising when the weather is bad.
Add a TV to the wall so you can catch up on Downton Abbey or Breaking Bad episodes while you're on the treadmill or exercycle.

Source and full list: stuff.co.nz