Check out some examples of projects we have completed.

Remediation, re-roofing and recladding of large residential property.

The roof structure proved inadequate and significant engineering elements needed to be integrated into the existing structure in order to make the building structurally and seismically sound.

Significant piling to existing structures was required as well as structural remediation of existing steel framing and connections along with waterproofing and surface and sub soil water control.

Coatsville Rennovation

This large plaster clad home had a number of alterations included in the reclad and renovation project such as increased living areas. The existing garage was turned into a living area.

Waiheke Home

This Waiheke home was fully reclad, with decking around the pool area replaced.

Mairangi Bay Project

This project involved excavating and retaining the foundations of a site that had some challenges due to it's sloping nature.

Greenhite Construction

This project involved the construction of a highly specified new home built to the owner's plan.

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