Thinking about building your own home?  Planning some renovations?

It can be a big financial and time commitment - but there are ways you can avoid the most common mistakes and pitfalls experienced by some property owners.

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A home renovation project can be an expensive and time consuming process, and working with the team who are doing the work is going to have a big influence on how smoothly that project runs, so here are some tips.

Renovations can be an effective way to increase the value, or improve your enjoyment, of your home.  It can be big – like adding a new room or extension or small like repainting or replacing door handles.

But be careful when choosing what kind of renovations to do. Unnecessary or expensive work can sometimes add little to the market value, while increasing the amount of capital you have invested.

Here’s a list of some top renovations tips that will add value to your home.

Hiring the right builder is critical for the success of your building project.

Don't automatically choose the one that put in the cheapest tender. Some builders will put forward a low cost tender just so they get the job, but they will be either forced to cut corners or will include a large range of variations as the project progresses. 

These tips are easy to follow, good advice to make sure your building project is a success.

  1. Make sure you have a good architect or drafts-person to draw up your plans
  2. Make sure you get a good, reputable builder
  3. Make sure the design and materials you use are carefully considered.  This can make or break the quality and the re-sale value of the property. Good design and materials will future proof your house
  4. Think about how long you want to live in your house – if you want to retire there, consider how easy would it be to get around if mobility becomes a problem. Put a lift shaft in a multi storied building (even if you don't put in the lift straight away)
  5. Have a good, clearly written contract with your builder
  6. Have the builder provide input during the design phase, otherwise you may find some nasty surprises when trying to build what an architect or drafts-person has come up with.

You can also find out more in our building faqs.

  • Quality workmanship
  • Skilled, experienced builders
  • Open communication
  • Honesty and integrity

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